5/29/20 Alert: Online Food Retailers

posted: by: Community Animal Clinic Staff Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

A recent incident with one of our patients has brought to a light a potential issue with pet foods purchased online - in particular, a company suggesting that counterfeit food is being repackaged with their branding.  Just as we recommend you be cautious where you get your medications from, please be equally cautious with foods.  Counterfeit product is not the only risk when purchasing from an unauthorized reseller - it may be stored or transported improperly causing it to spoil, it may be tampered with, or it may even be expired (always check the dates).  Please check directly with your preferred brand of pet food that the online retailer you are purchasing it from is an authorized reseller.  If they are not authorized, then they are not purchasing it directly from the manufacturer and, instead, from a dubious source. Some companies, such as Fromm, may maintain a current list on their website.  https://frommfamily.com/retailers/buyer-beware/